Lotus and white tea

We all love to indulge in a spa day when we can–there is nothing more relaxing than getting pampered with a full treatment at a luxurious salon.  But sometimes a little at home spa experience can relax and rejuvenate a tired mind and body for a fraction of the time and cost.  The next time […]

Alassis blackcurrant and rosewood large

The holidays are right around the corner but if you are still doing some last minute shopping, you have come to right place.  Lovely scented candles are always appreciated, but fragrances can be highly personal.  How do you choose if you aren’t sure what type of scent the recipient usually goes for?  Use this quick […]

Tip Day Tuesday

Alassis candles come in a beautiful hand-blown art glass that is far too lovely to throw away once the candle has been used.  Clean out any remaining wax (find tips on that here!) and save the glass by re-purposing it.  Here are some ideas to get you started: 1. Group it with other items on […]

Alassis Gift set

Small Art Glass Candle: For your office Secret Santa or any gift exchange with a spending limit.  Coming in at under $20, this gift won’t break the bank, but will still make a gorgeous gift.  Choose a fruity or oriental scent that will appeal to both sexes. Travel Tins: For anyone who travels often, whether for […]

Tip Day Tuesday

When candle shopping, one of the most important things we look for is a great design- a pretty glass, a cool pattern, a unique shape… something that will look great on display in our homes.  So when our favorite candles finally run out, it can be hard to part with the pretty decorative pieces we […]

the many shades of Mandarin art glass

Alassis art glass is hand-blown, giving it this beautiful multi tonal finish.   Each art glass ends up being a unique, one of kind piece.  The pattern will vary slightly, as will the hues. No. 6 Mandarin & Passionfruit comes in this bright orange-red art glass, and the different shades run the spectrum from the […]

Alassis Noble Fir & Juniper smells like the holidays

Well folks, the holiday season is officially upon us!  This time of year is so busy for all of us, and despite carefully curated pinterest boards full of DIY decorations and holiday inspiration, many of us typically run out of time before ever making it to the store to pick up the decor essentials.  The […]